What comes to your mind when the word Amsterdam comes out? Very good guys!!! Bikes. Coffeeshops (attention not Coffee Shops). Canals.
My lovely Ana is living there for one year now and I was mega curious to know how she was living, meeting her friends, her house, her work place, her boyfriend feel how is to live in such beautiful touristic spot. Oh well, honestly? Anywhere in the world I could be with Ana again would be awesome, we have a strong connection, cannot live without eachother basically ;D


I'm glad to get back to Europe, last time I was around this beautiful continent was to visit my friend Claudia in Berlin. after 7 mounths backpacking alone in Asia and Australia. Yes, before get back to Portugal I always make a 2 weeks transition so the cultural shock isn't so intense.

I came to Europe for a Seasonal Work and since we have our friend Coline living in Lyon we decided to spend few days there. (See how can you save money in accommodation? You visit a friend and a city.) To be honest I didn't know anything about Lyon, not even it was one of the biggest cities in France, I thought was just a small town, that's fine the less expectations the better.


On January 2011 I met 3 adorable slovenian girls named Polonca, Nina and Irene in Vietnam but I couldn't guess 2 years later I'd see all of them again in Slovenia :) This considences in our life we are so grateful.

In our way hitch hiking France to Greece almost straight we passed thru Slovenia and promised ourselves in the way back to Portugal we would stop in Slovenia for few days and it's been one of the highlights of this trip. Slovenia is this magical country sourrounded by shining green montains, wild cows, sheeps, horses everywhere, lakes, rivers. Everytime we are driving somewhere I cannot close my mouth, it's incredible everywhere you look at.


Finally we arrived Geres, the only National (protected) Park of Portugal, and no words to describe what our eyes were seeing. The first second we enter this magical place I felt a powerful energy all around my body, the oxygen was pure, my heart was bitting so fast showing me that he was so happy :D

If you are looking for a beautiful, peaceful, nature place in Portugal, then travel the very North of Portugal and you will find this amazing spot called Geres. It's divided in 5 areas (1 in located in Spain) so you have a bunch to do here. We spent around a week and it wasn't time enough. Best thing is to bring an autocaravan to sleep and eat anywhere but if you don't have one at least bring a car, a tent and a pan to cook. Don't worry with water, there're fountains everywhere with springs water, so pure and cold. You'll find camping areas often but you have to pay for them (around 4-6€ per day, middle season, on July and August prices rise). We stayed in Vidoeiro Camping with a small waterfall so you listen the water all the time, even when you're sleeping, how relaxing! And the other was the Cerdeira Camping is the most popular one, bigger and with a bunch of conditions (pool, restaurant, supermarket, hi-fi, etc etc) but also a lot of people equals noise.


This is probably my favorite thing to to in Lyon, I enjoyed so much the time I spent in this Park that I come back the next day!! Surely because I love it but also because is too big to explore only one day.

To have an idea, the park looks like this with a huge lake where I spent all afternoon walking around, taking pictures of the ducks and baby duckies. Also there's Zoo area with wild animals like Bear, Giraffes, Zebras, Lyon and beautiful birds, my favorites were the flamingos and a Botanic Garden with trees, plants and flowers from all over the World. And the best? They are all free entrance :) Both Zoo and Botanic Garden close at 6Pm. Around this time you will see a bunch of people running in the park, it's a good spot for that, I'd say it's the heart of the city. More about the Park? Click here.


Greetings from Amsterdam, the land of bikes and channels :)
Our arrival in Antwerp was tough, from sunny Portugal we moved to a big storm, including rain, cold and windy Antwerp! We were not motivated at all but as soon as locals said this is normal we had no choice but being happy with what we got and just hoping the rain wouldn't show up for the next days.

Antwerp is pretty nice, the second most international city in the world (total of 174 nationalities, Amsterdam is the first with 177 and New York has 150 nationalities.) Imagine the different cultural quarters in the city, you can travel the world inside the city! And the best way exploring is definitely with the bike. You can go anywhere and the city is well prepared with bike lanes, great to waste less time in traffic jams, less pollution, it's free (no gas or paying for parking) and you live like a real local. If they live 30 minutes away from work they will cycle instead of using the car.


Adoro responder a tags e a Catarina Sousa já sabe disso :) Gostei especialmente desta tag pois deu para conhecer melhor as bloggers que sigo e ainda deu para ler as respostas de bloggers que desconhecia e no qual fiquei fascinada com as respostas. É tão interessante perceber o porquê das pessoas escreverem em blogs e o que as motiva a continuar.

Vamos às questões?


Going to Marseille wasn't planned at all. We looked at the Europe Map and agreed we would stop between Slovenia and Spain for a good break and Marseille sounded... good!! 
All I knew about this city is that a bunch of portuguese people come here for vacation and that probably had a beach. To be honest I'm very impressed by the beauty of South of France, the only part that sucks is that hitch hiking is not so easy... where you find fancy cars and rich people is always harder but not impossible :) We just caught the train without paying, prayed for Ganesh and no troubles! 

The city itself is busy, polluted but interesting. I like the multicultural environment around, with all cultures restaurants you can think of. The list of museums is also nice (mostly arts), there are flea markets, vintage and thrift stores (alternative and awesome but expensive for my pocket) here and there, food is very easy to find since a lot of vegetable shops throw away a lot of products in good conditions to consume. 
You can also get a bus to Luminy, walk 40 minutes and find this stunning views:


Silly Marta. I started recognizing how weird was to travel Asia, America and Oceanea when actually I don't even know my own country??!! Every time someone asks me about where to go in my country I always answered with South Portugal, but what about the North?

I was around 4, 5 years old when mom and dad used to make these weekend road trips to the North and obviously I don't remember anything. Every two years I go to Porto and that's it.
Last Summer, me and Bruno thought about going to Geres, an Amazing National Park in the very North of Portugal, border with Spain but didn't happen. This Summer we said to ourselves: We wanna move to another country so we better travel our country first and that's exactly we've been doing: Road Trip to the North.


Estou em tremenda "dívida" para convosco. Estou a viajar há duas semanas e nem uma publicação da minha viagem para contar a história.
A verdade é que quando estamos a viver momentos incriveis esquecemos do mundo online. E nesta coisa das internets sou mesmo extremista pois ora fico seis horas colada ao ecrã, como estou um mês sem me ligar à net. Quando estou a viajar sinto necessidade de escrever e partilhar com o Mundo o que está a acontecer mas por vezes penso que é melhor aproveitar o dia inteiro a visitar, comer, passear em sítios diferentes, noutro canto do Mundo.


Dia 6 é dia de quê? Muito bem, adivinharam :) Hoje é dia de partilhar convosco o resultado do projecto fotográfico 6 on 6 em que 6 bloggers se juntaram para postar no dia 6 de cada mês, 6 fotografias com um tema. 

Estão a matutar que tema seria para este mês? Por esta altura já leram o título da publicação: Feminino. Este mês como estou a viajar no Camboja as minhas fotografias foram todas tiradas por aqui e posso dizer que embora esteja satisfeita com o resultao final, perdi imensas oportunidades fantásticas de tirar fotos em momentos espontâneos de rua que tenho a certeza daria uma excelente fotografia. É isso, tenho esta capacidade incrivel de me deixar levar pelo momento e ficar parada ali a apreciar, de tal forma que esqueço do Mundo lá fora. Assim, o comportamento instantaneo de pegar na câmara e clique perde-se.


I told you guys before that we decided to make a quick visit of four days in Luxemburg because we had no idea what was this country about. Besides these sisters I used to play in the street during Summer time when I was 8 years old, I never ever met someone from this country.
I could read a book about Luxemburg or search for facts using our dear friend google but noooo this is not how I work right? If I want to know more about a country, I'm simply going there. Certainly locals have interesting stories you cannot find out on books or internet.


One of my Goals for 2014 was to go on a Road Trip in Portugal, here we are! When you have empty family houses you gotta take advantage of the situation right? Bruno's relatives have houses all over Beira Interior area and we have 2 empty house keys, yuppie!
Feels good to travel differently for a change. This time we have our own car and our own houses to sleep, cook, relax, make friends with neighbours.