February 20, 2016

Skofja Loka (Eslovénia) a preto e branco

On January 2011 I met 3 adorable slovenian girls named Polonca, Nina and Irene in Vietnam but I couldn't guess 2 years later I'd see all of them again in Slovenia :) This considences in our life we are so grateful.

In our way hitch hiking France to Greece almost straight we passed thru Slovenia and promised ourselves in the way back to Portugal we would stop in Slovenia for few days and it's been one of the highlights of this trip. Slovenia is this magical country sourrounded by shining green montains, wild cows, sheeps, horses everywhere, lakes, rivers. Everytime we are driving somewhere I cannot close my mouth, it's incredible everywhere you look at.

Yesterday the Forecast was saying "Rain" but we were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day so we decided to get the bikes and cycle to Skofja Loka, but we didn't know it was 29 kms away!!! It's worth it for the amazing landscape in the way and the town itself is vintage and historic which I adore so much but the way back I think I had 10 breaks :P Happily Bruno asked some rescue to Nina and Matej and they come to pick me up when I was about 6 kms to arrive Ziri, where we are staying.

Tomorrow is THAT day which we will start a 1000 kms hitch hiking to Marseille. Means 2 days on the road, passing thru the whole Italy, eating junk and sleeping in the Service Areas. Good thing we have a cool Couchsurfer waiting for us in Marseille and a Fun Weekend to look forward.

Much love and Smiles xx

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