February 16, 2016

Gerês: o coração de Portugal

Finally we arrived Geres, the only National (protected) Park of Portugal, and no words to describe what our eyes were seeing. The first second we enter this magical place I felt a powerful energy all around my body, the oxygen was pure, my heart was bitting so fast showing me that he was so happy :D

If you are looking for a beautiful, peaceful, nature place in Portugal, then travel the very North of Portugal and you will find this amazing spot called Geres. It's divided in 5 areas (1 in located in Spain) so you have a bunch to do here. We spent around a week and it wasn't time enough. Best thing is to bring an autocaravan to sleep and eat anywhere but if you don't have one at least bring a car, a tent and a pan to cook. Don't worry with water, there're fountains everywhere with springs water, so pure and cold. You'll find camping areas often but you have to pay for them (around 4-6€ per day, middle season, on July and August prices rise). We stayed in Vidoeiro Camping with a small waterfall so you listen the water all the time, even when you're sleeping, how relaxing! And the other was the Cerdeira Camping is the most popular one, bigger and with a bunch of conditions (pool, restaurant, supermarket, hi-fi, etc etc) but also a lot of people equals noise.
This was our route from Braga, we made a lot of stops to watch the landscapes and take pictures:
Braga > Ponte de Lima > Ponte da Barca > Lindoso > Portela do Homem > Cabril > Pitões das Junias > São Bento da Porta Aberta > Vilarinho das Furnas (discover the story behind this village)

Before leaving or even in Vila do Geres ask about the trails, they are for free and pretty interesting. We tried the Currais Trail and I recomend it. Don't forget to explore Arado Waterfalls and Taiti Waterfalls.
Now it's pictures time!! Enjoy the beautiful corners of Portugal.

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  1. Loved going there, although the weather was awful at the time, so I didn't saw as much as I would like to :-(
    I want to go back and see the rest
    Best regards,
    NaCozinhaComRJ.com * FB * IG


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