February 15, 2016

Parc tete d'or em Lyon

This is probably my favorite thing to to in Lyon, I enjoyed so much the time I spent in this Park that I come back the next day!! Surely because I love it but also because is too big to explore only one day.

To have an idea, the park looks like this with a huge lake where I spent all afternoon walking around, taking pictures of the ducks and baby duckies. Also there's Zoo area with wild animals like Bear, Giraffes, Zebras, Lyon and beautiful birds, my favorites were the flamingos and a Botanic Garden with trees, plants and flowers from all over the World. And the best? They are all free entrance :) Both Zoo and Botanic Garden close at 6Pm. Around this time you will see a bunch of people running in the park, it's a good spot for that, I'd say it's the heart of the city. More about the Park? Click here.

I really like this pic of myself, looks like I'm part of the jungle. It's indoors though!

Wish you a great Wednesday, get your ass off home and enjoy this beautiful sun outside.
Me? I will get ready for a long journey of 2500 Km until Greece :)

Love and Light
Marta xo

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