February 26, 2016

Oh Lyon, je t'aime

I'm glad to get back to Europe, last time I was around this beautiful continent was to visit my friend Claudia in Berlin. after 7 mounths backpacking alone in Asia and Australia. Yes, before get back to Portugal I always make a 2 weeks transition so the cultural shock isn't so intense.

I came to Europe for a Seasonal Work and since we have our friend Coline living in Lyon we decided to spend few days there. (See how can you save money in accommodation? You visit a friend and a city.) To be honest I didn't know anything about Lyon, not even it was one of the biggest cities in France, I thought was just a small town, that's fine the less expectations the better.
Lyon is very chilled, a good atemosphere, beautiful! Never been in a big city with 2 rivers and I enjoy to relax close to the river among other locals, eating an ice cream or drinking beer. At night, near the river, you can see tons of people having some drinks with friends, play musical instruments and juggling moments. I prefer this kind of activity during the night time, rather then going to a night club or to a bar crowded with tourists. Nothing against tourists, just prefer a lay back place where you can have interesting conversations or discuss about something and make new friends.
Walking in Old Town, you can see the colorful and historic buildings, the glamours restaurants, the alternative shops. You smell cultures in this area since you have so many different countries restaurants: India, Pakistan, Italian, Chinese, Japanese... and you feel the diversity in the people that pass by the streets.

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere

Place des Terreaux

I'm enjoying a lot to explore this city and I highly recommend if you are a city fan. If you are planing to visit other European Cities, I like the itinerary suggestions of this blogger and you can add Lyon between Paris and Prague. 3 days is the minimum to get the feeling of Lyon.

Today we are gonna rent bikes and cycle to Parc de la Tete d'Or (Gold Head Park). 
Have a great Monday !! xo

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