February 29, 2016

Passeio de barco pelos canais de Amesterdão

What comes to your mind when the word Amsterdam comes out? Very good guys!!! Bikes. Coffeeshops (attention not Coffee Shops). Canals.
My lovely Ana is living there for one year now and I was mega curious to know how she was living, meeting her friends, her house, her work place, her boyfriend feel how is to live in such beautiful touristic spot. Oh well, honestly? Anywhere in the world I could be with Ana again would be awesome, we have a strong connection, cannot live without eachother basically ;D
Four days in Amsterdam are not enough but I still manage to attend two drum and bass parties (I was craving for one loooong time ago and managed to dance my butt off, yeah!), get a bike and cycle like a local everywhere and the best surprise: Anty, my best friend's boyfriend, has a boat and he was free on Sunday, can you imagine better Sunday afternoon program?

Along the trip you will find boat houses, it sounds crazy but some people turned a boat into real comfortable houses with terrace and garden included (What? I know...). The rent is pricey but I wouldn't mind at all to live in the water for a while.
Also I loved to see all those ducks swimming in the canals, they are so friendly and used to people because they can come to you pretty close.

Some pictures came out dark, again, I wish I knew how to play with photoshop, should I make this a goal for next year? Yes! Even though I always prefer the natural way of things, sometimes I look at my photography and wanted so hard to give them a bright color or some light, they would look exactly how I imagine when shooting.

This Euro Trip is going brilliant, we are half way. I didn't bring my computer with me because this time I wanted to pack fairly light but sometimes I regret just because I have great ideas for posts and want to share with my shanti readers. In the meanwhile I'm writting on paper, hopefully the inspiration doesn't disapear. 

Wish you all a beautiful week full of happiness and new projects :)

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