March 2, 2016

Transylvania Calling :: Festival na Roménia

It took me a while to post these pictures but I was waiting for Viktor to send them to me. I know, shame on me, I haven't take any pic, not even one, but my brazilian friends had profissional cameras and were very happy taking pictures of everyone so I left this "job" for them (good excuse for my lazyness)

It was a pleasure to be part of the tribe of Transylvania Calling Festival 2013, August 19th - 26th, I've made such strong connections with such beautiful beings. It's the difference between twenty thousand people and two thousand in a festival, you get to see your friends more often and share more moments together. It was also great that I met up old friends from Portugal, these seconds you freeze and then make a huge smile and hug them. The Festival was free for portuguese so can you imagine how many portuguese in one spot?? I totally forgot we were in Romania, I could listen portuguese everywhere.
Our shanti shanti camping site covered with smiley and happy portugueses, brazilians and one german :D It was lots of fun! 

The atmosphere of the festival was on top, strong energy was flowing, everybody smiling at eachother, cooking together on the bonfire, dancing like ONE in the dancefloor and doing many stuff I will keep as a secret ;) 
The place itself was pure magic, giant green mountains with bears!! We were save in the festival because they were scared of the noise but if you walk one hour you could have a surprise... A girl was hiking when she saw a baby bear, imagine if the mother bear was nearby... uhhhh. I easily fell in love with Transylvania Area, any mountains place for me is special. The Dracula is bullshit and I was a bit disappointed when we been in the Dracula Castle (this was out of the festival of course)

The only not-so-good things were the MUSIC, I know, when the music in a festival is no good you feel down but I'm glad we had a bunch of cool people all around. I actually prefered the Chill Out Area best for music, many times they passed reggae and one time full power psy trance. People who enjoy dark psy they had a great time in the festival for sure. 
The other thing I didn't get was the Break from 2pm to 4pm?? What?? Are you for real?? This is a great time to be in the dancefloor, to socialize, to get envolved. Stopping music at this time is like giving candy to a kid and then take it away. Usually breaks are between 6pm - 9pm, it's a great time to go eat and take a shower or just relax and do nothing. It's the change from day to night, light to dark.

Dancefloor at night - the playground for grown ups!

I had a great time, it was an intense week (including rain every day) but so worth it! I'm so grateful for all the people I met up, the information we shared, the happiness :) I cannot deny it was a bit hard to leave, also because I had around 3200 kilometres (from Bucharest to Madrid) in front of me of hitch hiking. I was full power energy, kissed and hugged all my friends, packed and go! Can't wait to see all these folks again, meeting point? BOOM FESTIVAL 2014 (Portugal).

Photos by Viktor Waewell * Last photo by Cristina Pinto

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