February 9, 2016

O incrivel Calanque de Sugiton em Marselha

Going to Marseille wasn't planned at all. We looked at the Europe Map and agreed we would stop between Slovenia and Spain for a good break and Marseille sounded... good!! 
All I knew about this city is that a bunch of portuguese people come here for vacation and that probably had a beach. To be honest I'm very impressed by the beauty of South of France, the only part that sucks is that hitch hiking is not so easy... where you find fancy cars and rich people is always harder but not impossible :) We just caught the train without paying, prayed for Ganesh and no troubles! 

The city itself is busy, polluted but interesting. I like the multicultural environment around, with all cultures restaurants you can think of. The list of museums is also nice (mostly arts), there are flea markets, vintage and thrift stores (alternative and awesome but expensive for my pocket) here and there, food is very easy to find since a lot of vegetable shops throw away a lot of products in good conditions to consume. 
You can also get a bus to Luminy, walk 40 minutes and find this stunning views:

The first picture I look like Rose in the Titanic ^__^ I was feeling the breeze from the ocean and the wind at the same time. Such a shame it was too late to go for rock hiking, but soon would get dark.
After we still got a chance to explore the Botanic Garden, not very impressing but good to see all the "marseilleneses" excited doing jogging, working out or cycling in the park. In my opinion It's so important at least one big sized green area in a city.

We thought about 3 days break in Marseille and today is the 5th night here. Tomorrow we are back on the road. Barcelona nos vemos!!

Amor, amor, amor
Marta xx

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