February 9, 2016

Viagem pelo Norte de Portugal

Silly Marta. I started recognizing how weird was to travel Asia, America and Oceanea when actually I don't even know my own country??!! Every time someone asks me about where to go in my country I always answered with South Portugal, but what about the North?

I was around 4, 5 years old when mom and dad used to make these weekend road trips to the North and obviously I don't remember anything. Every two years I go to Porto and that's it.
Last Summer, me and Bruno thought about going to Geres, an Amazing National Park in the very North of Portugal, border with Spain but didn't happen. This Summer we said to ourselves: We wanna move to another country so we better travel our country first and that's exactly we've been doing: Road Trip to the North.
I'm impressed by the stunning Nature and also the beautiful towns like Coimbra, Guimarães, Braga and of course my fave Porto, they are full of History and Culture. The accent is so different and we are always playing around with this "Carago!!" "Um fino, oh menina" Even few words are different, I love to see all these differences and also I'm so thankful to cross paths with these beautiful people!! They feed until we drop, they are always with an huge smile on, they open their front doors and want us to stay forever, North I LOVE YOU! 
Just the weather is making me kind of depressed. Everyone knows how sad makes me grey weather but common it's SUMMER and we have 3 very hot days straight and then 4 days raining and cold :( It's kinda messing up with my sanity to be honest but I will try my best to keep up smiling, well cannot complain too much, driving anywhere I want with no plans with my beloved one :D 
Here goes some pictures and next post will probably be about Geres.

Schist Village, Serra da Lousã

Romanian Ruins (First Century!!!) @ Conimbriga

Coimbra and Mondego River

Guimarães, where Portugal born


Bom Jesus in Braga

Wishing you a great week! 
What about doing something out of routine during the week? Visiting a friend or relative you don't see for ages, an ice cream close to the beach, a hike in the beautiful Mother Earth, watching a movie in the cinema, travel somewhere close for the weekend. 


Much Love xoxo

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