February 2, 2016

Road Trip no Norte de Portugal

One of my Goals for 2014 was to go on a Road Trip in Portugal, here we are! When you have empty family houses you gotta take advantage of the situation right? Bruno's relatives have houses all over Beira Interior area and we have 2 empty house keys, yuppie!
Feels good to travel differently for a change. This time we have our own car and our own houses to sleep, cook, relax, make friends with neighbours.

You see the orange part in the map? That's exactly where in Portugal we are road tripping, but mostly in East Side, where you can hike and find many small villages with interesting History behind.

We are staying now in Alcafozes, yes you are right dear boomers, it's about 16 km from Idanha-a-Nova and 6 km from Boom Festival area!!! I already feel the boom calling ;) In case you missed, going to Boom Festival was also one of my 2014 goals and I already purchased the ticket. It's pretty funny to be in the other side and listen what the locals have to say about the festival. It's incredible but only one of around tweenty people been there and they have a big discount to attend. They think it's a festival for freaks, a lot of alcohol and drugs going on but it's good for the economy of the area just the supermarket raise a lot their prices. Don't worry I already told them how special and beautiful Boom is, the magic we create together, the art gallery, the decoration, the gardens, the recycling philosophy, one hundred nationalities representing their countries... Anyone who know me for few years knows that I could talk about Boom for one entire day. Let's move on.

First stop was Monsanto, known as the oldest village in Portugal. It's definitly one of the most beautiful villages I ever been. It's located uphill with giant rocks all around and the old houses made of square stones. Some of the houses are decorated with colorful flowers as you may see in the first photo of this post. As soon as you get there you gotta park your car and start walk up in the narrow streets, no space for cars. No roads, the ground is still from other centuries back, made of stones, traditionally portuguese with romans influence.

When you reach the top of the hill you will cry of happiness, not because you are tired and finally got there, no, it's the enormous landscape, I can take million of pics and still you cannot understand 20% what I mean. Also you reach the castle. Although the walls are still there, the castle itself is destroyed but it's still my fave place for a castle so far. And the giant rocks are still there, connected with the castle rocks. Pretty amazing!

You guys are planning any road trips for this Summer? It's my favorite way of traveling when I only have 7-10 days. You visit a lot and get out of your daily routine. Promise I won't over post about this trip but I can tell you I'm super excited and I'm in love with Portugal!!

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