I'm not sure if you have heard about the Most Dangerous Road in the World. This sounds silly because how do you know is the most dangerous? Are there many accidents? Did a lot of people died there? To be honest, so far, I never seen more dangerous roads then Nepal's. The kind of road that is so tiny that you wonder how is it possible 2 cars passing thru at the same time? Or the ones with many deep holes. Or worse, that ones you look thru the window and you think "We are going to fall anytime" Then you close your eyes, you take 3 deep breathes and start thinking about something else. It's an adventure riding buses in Nepal my friends, but so worth it!


This trip to Istanbul wasn't planned at all but we learned macrame, basically is the art of knots :) We found out the string to make macrame was quite cheap in Istanbul, we looked at the map and found out it was only 5 hours away!! I been in Istanbul for one day, but like the turkish people tell me: one day in Istanbul, you never been in Istanbul. True. There are almost 20 million inhabitants here so think of the giant size of this place...


Did you ever arrive a new place that you couldn't stop taking pictures? The last time I felt this way was 6 years ago when I visited New york City for the first time (I lived in Maine and was only a 7 hours drive to NYC so been there several times). I just couldn't stop myself, those high buildings with historical architecture, the movement in the streets, I was completly fascinated!

Cartagena was the same. Although is a less busy city, the colonial style houses got me quickly, the pastel and vivid colors mixed with whites and wood, I was in photography heaven.

There is another Cartagena in Spain but I heard is not as wonderful as Cartagena de Indias of Colombia. This Cartagena I'm sharing pictures with you is a city with soul, with color, with identity.
I always try to run away from super touristic spots but there are some magical places in Earth you cannot avoid and this is a good example.

Cartagena de Indias is reconized by UNESCO as a World Heritage City and considered the fourth Wonder of Colombia. All the streets, houses and balconies with republican and baroque architecture makes you go back to Colonial times and that's exactly what I love about visiting a new city: the History behind it.


Sadly we only spent 4 days in Honduras, due to the rain all the time. When you are travelling is fine 1 or 2 days of straight rain because you can take care of yourself: clip nails, read a book or just rest and do nothing. But when it extends for 3 days is another story. So after 4 days we decided to leave to Nicaragua and be happy again :)

But we had great moments in Honduras: a ride we got from the National Director of Pizza Hut and Staying 2 nights in the "guetto" haha these stories are for later, since this post is to give you some lights of what you can do in this country.

Honduras is not so touristic and I guess there are 2 main things to do there: Visit the Mayan ruins in Coban and Heading to Utila Island to dive (it's cheap and they make this 1 week course with accomodation included). But we only been in Tela and La Ceiba which have nothing really special... only the caribean sea (not really amazing) and exploring the Parques (hiking in the mountains)

The currency is Lempira and you pay $US3 to enter and to leave the country.


Uhhh so much to tell you about this country, there's a lot of diversity: Islands, Mountains, Ocean and Cities. The currency is Cordoba but US dolars are used a lot as well. We denied from the beggining using dolars in Central America because it wasn't USA so we didn't see any point. We like to use the currency of the country and collect the coins and bills :) To enter Nicaragua you pay $US12 and to leave $US2.


*DREAM BIG, REACH THE STARS* I support any big or small dreams. Dreams keep us with faith in life, appeal to your imagination and creativity, some dreams change, some not but if you really believe and really want to, they will become true.

I'm grateful for this life but oh man! Why born during the Winter time when you live close to the beach? My birthday parties were always indoors, with lotsa food, candy, sodas and a princess cake and a bunch of friends and cousins playing all around the house. But cold and rainy. My childhood best friend's bday was on August, usually a pool party and it was so much fun!!

I grew up dreaming of a warm birthday party but never thought that it's winter in Portugal but in many others corners of the Planet is Summer. In 2011 I decided to leave my social worker job to grab a backpack and travel Asia alone. When my australian family knew about it they asked me to come to Australia but I need some sort of motivation and it came to me from the sky: My cousin told me about Rainbow Serpent Festival and the last day was my birthday!! And the best? She would pay the 250 dollars festival ticket as a birthday gift!!! Do I have the best family in the World? Yes I do :)


I'm so sorry we had to rush in this amazing country, where you find untouchable Nature pretty much anywhere! In the other hand is so expensive, they say that Costa Rica is the Switzerland of America so you can imagine the prices over there. Plus, when you are backpacking for months and months in a tight budget you have to skip places like this... But, one day I will come back with 2000€ on me hehe

We only spent 5 days or so in this country so I cannot help too much. Basic Info: You don't pay anything to get in or get out the country. The currency is Colon but US dolars are very used as well.

We arrived in Liberia and we found really cool beaches around. Then we head to San Jose and felt that it's hard for a backpacker with low budget to survive in this capital: you pay around $US12 per dorm, it's forbidden to sleep in the street, the bus stations close at night, $3 for a burger and so on. San Jose is just a big city.