October 20, 2015

Guia de viagens em Honduras

Sadly we only spent 4 days in Honduras, due to the rain all the time. When you are travelling is fine 1 or 2 days of straight rain because you can take care of yourself: clip nails, read a book or just rest and do nothing. But when it extends for 3 days is another story. So after 4 days we decided to leave to Nicaragua and be happy again :)

But we had great moments in Honduras: a ride we got from the National Director of Pizza Hut and Staying 2 nights in the "guetto" haha these stories are for later, since this post is to give you some lights of what you can do in this country.

Honduras is not so touristic and I guess there are 2 main things to do there: Visit the Mayan ruins in Coban and Heading to Utila Island to dive (it's cheap and they make this 1 week course with accomodation included). But we only been in Tela and La Ceiba which have nothing really special... only the caribean sea (not really amazing) and exploring the Parques (hiking in the mountains)

The currency is Lempira and you pay $US3 to enter and to leave the country.

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