October 21, 2015

Cartagena e as casas coloniais

Did you ever arrive a new place that you couldn't stop taking pictures? The last time I felt this way was 6 years ago when I visited New york City for the first time (I lived in Maine and was only a 7 hours drive to NYC so been there several times). I just couldn't stop myself, those high buildings with historical architecture, the movement in the streets, I was completly fascinated!

Cartagena was the same. Although is a less busy city, the colonial style houses got me quickly, the pastel and vivid colors mixed with whites and wood, I was in photography heaven.

There is another Cartagena in Spain but I heard is not as wonderful as Cartagena de Indias of Colombia. This Cartagena I'm sharing pictures with you is a city with soul, with color, with identity.
I always try to run away from super touristic spots but there are some magical places in Earth you cannot avoid and this is a good example.

Cartagena de Indias is reconized by UNESCO as a World Heritage City and considered the fourth Wonder of Colombia. All the streets, houses and balconies with republican and baroque architecture makes you go back to Colonial times and that's exactly what I love about visiting a new city: the History behind it.

Just an ordinary story: Me and Bruno decided to spend New Year's Eve in Cartagena the day we arrived Colombia. We thought would be a fun place with many parties and well, it's located in the Caribbean, who the heck does not want to spend a special night in a warm place with light blue sea? 
It was December 31st and we were ready to welcome the new year with Angie, a colombian girl and Lorenzo, a spanish guy. We've been drinking a lot of beer during the day and Bruno was so in need to go to the bathroom. It was already 11.40pm so I asked him to hurry up. It was already 11.50pm and no Bruno. I started to get worried and I really wanted to be with him in midnight, of course. 
Three minutes before midnight Bruno came back and we asked what happened! He was still in shock but quickly told his story. So there was a huge line in the bathroom so he decided to pee outside, he just saw a guy doing the same thing so he thought was alright. When he finished, a policeman came to him and said it was forbidden to pee in the street so he had to pay a fee. Bruno couldn't believe, he answered it was almost midnight and apologized. The policeman insisted. It's pretty usual police in South America taking advantage of situations like this so they can get some money from tourists for themselves. Bruno said he didn't have any money with him so the policeman wanted to arrest him!!! After a lot of "please let me go, it's almost New Year, time to celebrate, please please please", the policeman finally let him go. That was close, phewww!

I hope you guys enjoyed "traveling" a bit in Cartagena with me :) Such a pity we only stayed for three days, would like to explore more the cultural part of the city. 

Did you ever visit colonial cities? Where? Would love to hear your story.

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