October 22, 2015

Merhaba Istanbul

This trip to Istanbul wasn't planned at all but we learned macrame, basically is the art of knots :) We found out the string to make macrame was quite cheap in Istanbul, we looked at the map and found out it was only 5 hours away!! I been in Istanbul for one day, but like the turkish people tell me: one day in Istanbul, you never been in Istanbul. True. There are almost 20 million inhabitants here so think of the giant size of this place...
Although Istanbul is half Europe half Asia is like being in Asia again, the people, gastronomy, being so welcome, the bazaars... I'm not even surprised when I listen stories like people going to Istanbul for 3 days and they end up living here. I also think is one of the place in Turkey you can be yourself without judgements, for eg: not wearing burka or for gays to express themselves. Muslim religion is fascinating and I can't have enough visits to mosques and discover more and more about Allah but in the other side can be ridiculousy mean. Why women cannot do the prays? Why they have to be all covered, sometimes you only see their eyes? Why being gay is a disease? We are in the 21st century and sometimes I have the idea that I'm still living in my grand grand grand parents time.

I'm so glad for being at Orkun's house, a place you call home. First I met up friendly faces I haven't seen for 3 years when I came to Duzce (Turkey) for a Week International Exchange and then we could finally manage to do our laundry, open a fridge whenever we want, sleep in a comfy matress, this confort we enjoy to have time to time and we appreciate much more now that we've been backpacking for a while, camping here and there.

Tomorrow we finally will shop in the Old Bazaar, I'm super excited!! Can't wait to start making bracelets and necklaces with macrame, we also found precious stones for a resonable price. Also we will invest some money in turkish articles to sell in Transylvania Calling Festival in Romania on the 19th. YEY!!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, yes that lazy day in the week ;)
Light and Love
Marta xo

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