October 2, 2015

Guia de viagem na Costa Rica

I'm so sorry we had to rush in this amazing country, where you find untouchable Nature pretty much anywhere! In the other hand is so expensive, they say that Costa Rica is the Switzerland of America so you can imagine the prices over there. Plus, when you are backpacking for months and months in a tight budget you have to skip places like this... But, one day I will come back with 2000€ on me hehe

We only spent 5 days or so in this country so I cannot help too much. Basic Info: You don't pay anything to get in or get out the country. The currency is Colon but US dolars are very used as well.

We arrived in Liberia and we found really cool beaches around. Then we head to San Jose and felt that it's hard for a backpacker with low budget to survive in this capital: you pay around $US12 per dorm, it's forbidden to sleep in the street, the bus stations close at night, $3 for a burger and so on. San Jose is just a big city.
- Tortugero: From San Jose you take 2 buses and 1 boat to get there. It's magical out there! Caribean sea, rivers and channels... Check it on the map and you will understand ;) The National Park ($10) is very beautiful, you need to rent a Kayac or a boat and get into the chanels. It's so amazing all the nature around and the animals in their habitat. We´ve seen turtles, one crocodile, different kinds of monkeys, beautiful birds. No human beings touched the earth, that place you something you shouldn't miss. The caribean sea is not soooo beautiful as Quintana Roo (Mexico) for eg, but is still nice because you see a bunch of palm trees and this loooooong beach. Be very careful if you go for a swim!

- Puerto Viejo Talamanca: By boat from tortugero or boat plus 3 buses to get here. It's a rastafarian style town, with a beautiful beach, colorful, small, bunch of bars to chill out. Also you will find some arts and crafts galleries. You can rent a bike and check the beaches nearby. We stayed in Hostel Dolce Vita for $10/person in a room with shared bathroom, free wi-fi and kitchen. Nice and Clean.

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