Low Cost flights with Ryanair brought even more tourism to the South of Portugal, where I grew up. The airport is situated in Faro, capital of Algarve (province of the very South of Portugal), so many people stay for one or two days to visit, before heading to the touristic towns: Albufeira and Portimão.

I studied 4 years in Faro University so I know well the streets and lifestyle of this city. I’m going to be honest here: I don’t like Faro. Everytime someone ask me what to do 4 or 5 days in Faro I have no clue, since I think one entire day is more then enough. Thru my eyes the city is not pretty but there’s always some spots you gotta visit and experiences you gotta take everywhere you go.


I wish my first blog post about Cambodia was something incredibly beautiful but I have to tell you about my story so you don't pass thru the same situation. 

I booked my bus ticket from Bangkok to Siem Reap in one of those zillions agencies in Khao San Road for 8 dollars, a pretty good deal. I was by myself and nothing to fear, I was booking thru a physical agency and all my friends told me how easy is to get a cambodian visa in the border for 30 bucks. (The agency I booked my ticket is called: Lampoo Travel & Tours; Address: 42 Viengtai Hotel Rambuttri Rd. Banglumpoo Bangkok 10200)


On the third day of Road Trip in Portugal I decided it was about time to make another Photo an Hour Post. It was a long day, full of nature landscape, hiking two different trails and sharing "hellos" with locals. Let's take a peak on my day.

8am | Woke up, meditate and finished coloring the mandala I started last night. If I don't do it right the way I will never finish because I lose inspiration.


Quem segue a Catarina Sousa do Joan of July já deve ter visto o resultado da sessão fotográfica "Photoshoot: a free bird called Marta" que fizemos, no seu blog. A Catarina, tal como eu (vejam os meus planos para 2016), quer melhorar a sua fotografia e para tal, lembrou-se de convidar quem quisesse ser fotografado/a para uma sessão fotográfica. É claro que disse logo que sim. Não é todos os dias que alguém se oferece para tirar fotografias, que são tão imprescindiveis nas nossas redes sociais, para o blog ou até mesmo para aquela moldura que está vazia, à espera da tal foto.


Exploring is my favorite thing to do while traveling. But exploring small villages is the best of the best. Usually tourists didn’t find out about them so the essence of the place is not changed. But hey we need hostels to sleep so good thing there are a bit of tourists there :P

I talked before of Laos Towns so now it’s time to know more of my feelings about Laos villages. Sorry if I completly forgot the villages’ names I have been but there are plenty to choose from. I went to a travel agency in Luang Prabang and checked all tours and wrote down the villages names ;) I booked my bus to Vietnam with this agency so I was able to leave my big backpack and bring only a small bag with essential stuff for a week. It’s so awesome to travel ultra light!


Já não é segredo para ninguém que o Inverno não é a minha praia. O frio bloqueia-me de uma forma absurda, sentido-me a pessoa mais inactiva e preguiçosa do Universo. Para combater o negativismo enfrento-o como posso, ficando hibernada em casa a ler, ver filmes, escrever, ouvir musica, limpar. 
Mas todos nós sabemos a vadia que há em mim. Sair de casa para fazer qualquer coisa, nem que seja passear ou fotografar. Nem me importo muito de estar sozinha, eu quero é estar lá fora: sentir cheiros, ver pessoas, admirar a natureza e a arquitectura das casas, andar de bicicleta, etc.


Vietnam belongs to the group of countries that was not in my travel list but I ended up there because so many travelers tell great stories about it so I had to go check. 
This time I had the hard decision of one entire month in Vietnam or 15 days in Vietnam and 15 days in Cambodia... I picked the first option since I didn't want to rush in my solo backpacking trip, I wanted to travel slow and emerge in the culture. Also, Vietnam is not big but is really long and I only travel by land inside the countries so I had no option :) Now a days I understand why I didn't go to Cambodia (on my travel list since ever): to go with my best friend Ana, we will probably spend our birthdays in a cambodian island next year. 

Let's go back to Hanoi. I made this insane 38 hours bus ride from Luang Prabang (Laos) to Hanoi (Vietnam), it was tough I won't lie but I had the chance to contact many locals and some backpackers from Australia, Holland, Belgium and surpriseeee Taiwan! After spending so many hours together we had to spend our stay in Hanoi together. See, when I say that you travel solo but never alone? This is a great example.


Há sempre espaço para mais uma agenda, um caderno, um diário... nós bloggers somos amantes de tudo feito em papel e que habite em papelarias, que nos faça inspirar, planear, escrever. 

Quando descobri o Viajário foi logo amor à primeira vista. Foi uma compra por impulso mas que não me arrependo nadinha. Ainda não conhecia a editora Tinta da China e fiquei fã em três tempos. Sei que não devemos julgar um livro pela sua capa mas pá, convenhamos, o design de cada capa destes meninos é uma preciosidade. Têm uma apresentação minimalista que nos dá uma sensação de harmonia e serenidade. Quero a colecção inteirinha!


Last month I went thru all my travel photo folders and found out there are several countries I never talked about here in the blog. If you click Destinations Category and then Asia you’ll find out I didn’t post much about asian countries and the reason is that I backpacked Asia 7 months in 2011 + 2012 and this blog born in 2013 after my Central America trip. I just can’t keep these amazing World pictures in folders I want to have them in my blog, I want to share them with you and the World.

This being said, Laos is one of those countries I didn’t mention here yet. But how? This is the purest and more genuine asian country, it was such a relief from all the crazy traffic and busy life in Bangkok. Actually I was only two weeks or so in Thailand when I woke up and decided to get a bus ticket to Vientiane, capital of Laos. I was dying to explore North Thailand but I can’t explain, I think Laos was calling me. But I fell asleep in the bus and missed Vientiane, when I woke up I was surrounded by giant green mountains and curvy roads, I was heading to Vang Vieng. “Hmmm? Never heard about that place!”


Os Invernos, para mim, são rigorosos e dolorosos. O frio atormenta-me e não me deixa sair de casa. Mete-me num estado de depressão tal que só mesmo o aconchego da manta e do chá para me sentir viva. 
A chuva é o tal pau de dois bicos: por um lado muito necessária para que possamos beber e nos saciar, é um dos elementos fundamentais à condição humana. A chuva enche os rios, ribeiros e lagos para que nos dias quentes de Verão nos possamos banhar, dar mergulhos, nadar e brincar. Por outro lado, molha-nos dos pés à cabeça, faz-nos ficar com arrepios de frio, constipados, doentes. 


For the first time in my solo backpacking trip I was craving to be alone. It sounds silly because I'm traveling solo but as a matter of fact during those almost 3 months traveling I had mostly of the time company: either I was couchsurfing or connected with a traveler(s) in the bus or met friendly locals. 

It was the last week of the year (2011) and I wanted to be alone to reflect about my life, to try to organize my mind with all these last weeks of learning and meeting new people who gave me interesting information that would change my life forever. 

This was when I separated from my travel fellows in Hanoi, it was a fantastic week but we had different plans, they wanted to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve in a sunny place and I wanted to go to the mountains. I fell in love with the huge poster of Sapa in the Travel Agency near our hostel, I couldn't head South with my friends, not before going to Sapa. Travel is so free like this, you get to choose your next destination just like that, following your passions, heart and whatever you feel that moment.


E não é que chegou o dia 6? Este é o primeiro mês que eu mais cinco bloggers com imensa vontade de fotografar chegamos a vós com os resultados do primeiro tema: Inicios. Uma palavra bem pensada para Janeiro, não acham? Com o novo ano, novas perspectivas, novos objectivos e novas expectativas. Aqui fica a minha visão em modo fotográfico.


Long time Thailand was on my Countries List, I was always so amased by the dreamy islands, the light blue sea, white sand, diving and watch the Aquatic World.
When my israeli friends told me about this Island as a Party place, cheap, beautiful I didn't think twice and flew from Kolkata (India) to Bangkok (Thailand), took a train directly to Koh Phangan Island and to be honest? It was one of the best decisions of my life!! Only when I arrived there I reconize how much I needed "civilization" again. I mean, India is a big part of my heart but is very poor, many places there're no conditions to even go to the bathroom, the constant rip offs from rikshow drivers, I definitly needed this break!


Quando iniciou o ano 2014, partilhei dois desafios fáceis e executiveis no meu blog em inglês que podiam fazer uma grande diferença na nossa vida. Com as viagens, ficaram guardados no post e nunca mais peguei neles. Até que neste Natal queria oferecer algo especial às minhas amigas, que fosse feito à mão e que não custasse absolutamente nada. Queria reciclar materiais que tivesse em casa e não queria que estivesse dinheiro envolvido nas prendas. Eis que me lembrei do desafio do Frasco das Coisas Boas e pus mãos à obra!