January 27, 2016

Photo an Hour

On the third day of Road Trip in Portugal I decided it was about time to make another Photo an Hour Post. It was a long day, full of nature landscape, hiking two different trails and sharing "hellos" with locals. Let's take a peak on my day.

8am | Woke up, meditate and finished coloring the mandala I started last night. If I don't do it right the way I will never finish because I lose inspiration.
9am | Back on the Road. Sorry the front window is so dirty :P

10am | When we arrived in Segura village we parked the car and started our 10 kms trail. These friendly cows chilling in the shade came to say hello!

11am | We've seen so many butterflies in our way. There's a lime green and bright yellow species I tried to photograph but they were always escaping from my camera lenses. (This is my best butterfly caption ever)

12am | We got in Erges River and we had the prettiest view of this trail. This is a Roman bridge (congrats to the architect for the brilliant job with the restoration) that divides Portugal and Spain. We can say we've been in Spain today :D

1pm | Time for lunch break, we were starving. Afterwords, Bruno took his clothes and jumped to the river. It was such an hot day.

2pm | We arrived in Salvaterra do Extremo village for the next trail, 11kms. But we aren't crazy enough to get fried in the sun so let's eat an icecream first. Lemon sorvet flavour is my fave for this Summer.

3pm | Still warm and we were terribly tired so instead of 11km of trail we decided to cut it in an half. Little cheatters! This sign means we are in the right way. The last trail we were looking at the million bees in the puddle, we ended up passing a cross which is wrong way. We love to get lost and walk more 3kms.

4pm | The Trail Leaflet said we could see eagles, vultures and griffins but we only saw 3 or 4 birds far away, we didn't reconize which kind of bird it was. This is Erges River again, the waters seem calm so it forms this kind of shades in the water. It's moss. Pretty awesome!

5pm | At this point we were tired like hell. We started the trail downhill and the end was completly uphill. We arrived in the village safe and we passed thru this adorable house with plants outside. Those stripy white and pink flowers are stunning, I wish I knew their kind to plant in the vertical garden I'm creating at my parent's.

6pm | Back home I treat myself with tomato, onion, cheese and oregano pancakes and mango juice. I love this table cloth, oh well, I love grannie houses, full of vintage little treasures.

7pm | Relaxing in my fave corner of the house. Are you kidding? This mid-century couch is comfy and dreamy, I want it for myself so hard.

Do you like Photo an Hour features? I enjoy tons to report my day with pictures, I found it fun! Also I love to see it in other blogs since is a good way to see a little bit of private life of bloggers but I don't see this feature very often. ooh!

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