January 4, 2016

A ilha de Koh Phangan

Long time Thailand was on my Countries List, I was always so amased by the dreamy islands, the light blue sea, white sand, diving and watch the Aquatic World.
When my israeli friends told me about this Island as a Party place, cheap, beautiful I didn't think twice and flew from Kolkata (India) to Bangkok (Thailand), took a train directly to Koh Phangan Island and to be honest? It was one of the best decisions of my life!! Only when I arrived there I reconize how much I needed "civilization" again. I mean, India is a big part of my heart but is very poor, many places there're no conditions to even go to the bathroom, the constant rip offs from rikshow drivers, I definitly needed this break!

When I got in the Island I had no idea where to find a place to stay so I just left for destiny :) A woman contacted me about staying in a bungalow for only 3€/night in the other side of the Island, or better, the non-touristy area. BONUS!
Off course I arrived there and automaticly runned away to the beach and yeah I couldn't believe in my eyes: the Paradise was in front of me! And can you imagine waking up with the Paradise in front of you?

In two minutes went for a swim and rent a motorbike. Started exploring the Island and discover a Chinese Temple!! What a peaceful place to be. For a moment I thought that I could actually go to China after Thailand but such a big country desserves at least 6 months travelling and not only 2 weeks... Also learning mandarin could help out.

In the way back home I got lost and the darkness was close, I started panic a bit because I know how my orientation sucks. I asked so many people the way back but I was even more lost. Luckily this american guy brought me to the road I should take YEY! there's always an angel around when you think everything is lost.

Next day was the Half Moon Party, it's very famous but actually very comercial. The spot was magical, in the middle of the jungle jezzz! And I was kinda dying for some trance party in my life. gave a lift on my motorbike to a german guy in the way :)
The night market was also delicious with tons of seafood for pathetic prices! I think I tryed pretty much everything in that market, also the fruit shakes yummmieee!! Just forgot about the ice being water and next day it was hard with dhiarrea climbing up the highest montain in the Island. No energy at all!!!

The next days it was all about relaxing and chilling on the beach :)

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