Não, não quero que pareça que estou para aqui a gabar-me de todos os países em que já viajei e que sou uma viajante com V maiúsculo e tal, não é mesmo esse o propósito desta publicação. 
Queria ter uma lista visual dos países que já visitei, ter uma ideia dos que ainda me faltam. Posso dizer que estou quase a atingir um quarto dos países do Planeta Terra e que quanto mais viajo mais o Mundo me parece pequeno. Sim, tenho esta ideia utópica ou então não de viajar em todos os cerca de 200 países do Mundo.

Então aqui vai, por ordem alfabética:


It was a lovely Sunday, blue sky, birds singing and everyone busy in the house getting ready for the big day! Such a pleasure to meet up a wonderful family of 4 sons (including Paul) and 1 daughter plus 2 daughters in law. The father Carlos is from El Salvador and the mother Wendy the most adorable lady. We were ready !


By Lonely Planet Costa Rica Travel Guide

If you feel like going to a warm country not only for tourism but also to make the difference, these are good options, according with your interests/tastes. Click to acess to the website and get more information. (I cannot waranty that all websites are updated)

Puerto Viejo, the rastafari and surf Village


For a long time I wanted to get knowledge about gardening and animals. When Jess and Paul told us, one year ago back in Mexico, there was a lot of Farm Work in their area (North California) I didn't think twice, because this is the time that it becomes almost impossible to find a job in Portugal. Jess and Paul Wedding plus working in a farm plus visiting California equals YES PLEASE.


I feel so excited to tell you about this country. Everytime I go back to Portugal I think about my favourite country in the trip because I know that it's gonna be the main question. Not that I like it, all countries I've been are special, always stories to tell. This Central America journey I decided that Guatemala was my fave... 50% of the population is still maya, the landscape is magical and the smiles are constant!

To enter Guatemala you pay Q20 (Quetzal is the currency in this country; discover yourself what is a quetzal) and main language is spanish but watch out!! there're a lot of people (esp. in small villages) who speaks mayan. So if you ask something to someone who doesn't answer, maybe that person doesn't speak spanish.


After a great time in Semuc Champey (Guatemala) we decided to head to Honduras instead of travelling to North Guatemala and visit Tikal. I know, I know Tikal is a MUST GO in Guatemala but we already been in 4 different Mayan Historic Ruins Parks and going to the North was out of route, so we tought "Spending more Money and time to see ruins again??!!" Let's go to Honduras!!

We only had 10€ and we made this crazy decision of not withdraw more money from the ATM, this means that we had to reach Honduras with 10€ both, we need to eat, we need to get there but how? Survival mode here we go!


[La Esperanza Camping, Tulum, Mexico]

Me and Bruno were in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico and damn happy because we were in a dream camping by the caribean sea with beautiful people all around, felt like family <3
Sadly it was time to leave so we decided to sleep on the beach last night. We organized all stuff and hitch hiked to the centre to go groceries shopping for the dinner. We were in heaven, I mean we got a ride from a pick up and we were outside looking at the blue sky, white clouds and the green trees surrounding us. It was those magical minutes I won't forget.

We "woke up" when the driver said that we arrived. So he pulled over, we jumped and said Gracias with an huge smile. It took 2 seconds until I look at Bruno and reconized that something was missing "Bruno where is your backpack???" Bruno looked at me, opened his eyes and started running after the car. Too late. "Crap! We are screwed!"


Heya yooo my friends!
Did I tell you how much I'm enjoying to stay in North California? It's not that is this beautiful part of USA only, there's some magic in the air. The life style is so peaceful, no one complains about the system, the crisis, the government, everybody helps eachother either with material stuff or trading the veggies and fruits from their farm. The fauna is different, we had seen squirls and deers nearby the houses or just on the mountains when we go for a hike. Hopefully one day I can pet a deer, they like to run away from us.
I wish we had a car though, it would be so easier to move... To go a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e you need to drive, everything is far.


Today I will share the places I've been in Mexico. These tips are from a low budget backpacker who considers herself as a traveller, not a tourist (if you didn't notice Iam talking about myself lol). Also very important: don't follow only my advices, go with the flow!! The people we meet along the way can become friends for a life time and travelling is not about the miles you make...

Mexico currency is Peso ($) and helps a lot if you know basic spanish.

I guess you don't pay anything to get in the country but you need a 6 months valid passport to enter. They also ask for a return flight, we didn't have one and said we were backpacking in Central and don't know when going back to Portugal. They accepted the answer. You pay $295 to get out the country but many times is included in the flight ticket, check it out.


I couldn't wait to post about yesterday and our adventorous Road Trip to the RedWoods.

RedWoods are basically one of the most amazing things I ever seen with my eyes. It's an area in North California where you find giant pine trees, but when I say giant I'm not even being fair! They can grow more then 360 feet tall (or about 110 metres) and have trunks up to 24 feet (7 metres) near the ground. Can live more then 2000 years and I believe there are many from the Dinosaurs Era!!! Can you imagine how ancient this special trees can be? I hugged around 100 of them, but probably you'll need around 15 people to hold the whole tree :)