September 16, 2015

Trabalhar na quinta - WWOFFING

For a long time I wanted to get knowledge about gardening and animals. When Jess and Paul told us, one year ago back in Mexico, there was a lot of Farm Work in their area (North California) I didn't think twice, because this is the time that it becomes almost impossible to find a job in Portugal. Jess and Paul Wedding plus working in a farm plus visiting California equals YES PLEASE.
Currently I'm in Ancient Farm located in the Lake County of North California but soon I will move to another Farm where I will have more work to do. Right now we are feeding the chickens, check if there are any eggs, watering the garden and feed the momma cat (and cuddle with the 4 kittens). Since Matt is building a house we also helped and I'm very excited because we are learning how to build a house by ourselves. Geezzz is so difficult but at the same time so interesting, can you imagine you building your own house? All the effort and love given? I found a new passion, I want to build my own Eco House :)

This is the trailler where the chickens live. Lucky them!

This is a farm Paul found for us, he knows the owners, but there is a very useful program calledWWOOF or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, in case you are interested to work in a Farm as a volunteer, you work for the exchange of accomodation and food. Many people might think about the money first place but I'm here to remind you that money is not everything. If you don't have a job, if you are not satisfied with your life, you wanna learn something different THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY. I also relate wwoofing as a retreat, a quiet and peaceful place, far away from your rotine to learn how to live more healthy in a sustainable way. When you plant your own veggies you know exactly where they come from, you know you didn't use pesticides or other chemicals that will be inside your body. That's the reason why growing your own food is so important now a days. The supermarkets sell crap!

This is our cozy room :) We don't really have a bed but we have a comfy matress and a beautiful handmade blanket.

These are the little fellows I'm passionate right now, I can spend the whole morning playing with them. I consider myself as a dog person but I prefer cats.

In this farm we have all the conditions to live, quality living. We have a kitchen with a full fridge and all the gadgets we need to cook. We sleep in a big room with a couch. We have WIFI. We have a awesome lake just in front of the farm. It's sourreded by mountains. Everybody is adorable and helpful.

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