September 1, 2015

Redwoods | Os pinheiros gigantes na California

I couldn't wait to post about yesterday and our adventorous Road Trip to the RedWoods.

RedWoods are basically one of the most amazing things I ever seen with my eyes. It's an area in North California where you find giant pine trees, but when I say giant I'm not even being fair! They can grow more then 360 feet tall (or about 110 metres) and have trunks up to 24 feet (7 metres) near the ground. Can live more then 2000 years and I believe there are many from the Dinosaurs Era!!! Can you imagine how ancient this special trees can be? I hugged around 100 of them, but probably you'll need around 15 people to hold the whole tree :)
Another interesting aspect is that can can either grow from seeds or can sprount from stumps or roots from a dead tree. You can even start a bonfire inside a tree, or even camping! Some trees you can go thry by car.

I'm so sorry the pictures don't show exactly the reality of these beauties but you can have an idea here:

If you ever stop by North California don't miss this enchanted place. Hopefully we can come back soon to explore more!

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