August 19, 2015

O bairro victoriano e alternativo de São Francisco | Haight Ashbury

Guys, I owe you ten thousand posts about San Francisco! I've been trying my best to write down all the interesting things you should visit in this awesome city I love more and more. But the truth is that I go with the flow and totally forget about internet and my blog stays a bit behind... here Iam! 

After spending more then a month working and visiting my friends/american heart family, we finally decided to rent a car and explore South of California. Guess what? We couldn't rent a car because we do not have a Visa, Martercard or American Express Card... What a BIG bummer. USA without a car sucks big time, if only transportation was good and organized... not happening. 

When you're traveling sometimes you gotta come out with a plan B, C and D, well plan E is welcome too. Specially if you travel like me, plan a bit here and there but mostly go with the flow. 
We had no option but using the bus. This means our options were pretty limited. So we decided to travel the famous cities: San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. We've been in San Francisco last year but we had a feeling that was missing a looooot to see. We also been in LA but our flight off USA is there so we will stay with our friend Sue (again) this time in Huntington Beach, apparently a fancy area of LA, she has swimming pool and jacuzzi so guess where I'm gonna be my last days in California? :D 
Anyway, ready for a bunch of pictures from my favorite area of San Francisco?
Remember last year when I been in Haight Ashbury and was kinda sad that didn't have a chance to visit during the day? Guess what I did very first morning in San Francisco? Yep, you got it!

Haight Ashbury was the meeting point of hippies in the 60's who were looking for peace and love. Now a days you still can find some hippies there but mostly you will find hippies wannabes, known as "cippies". They are homeless, usually stoned or drunk and beg for money all day long in Haight Ashbury. That's the only thing I don't like there but still I love the place and will come back always!

When you are walking up hill you find the most beautiful victorian style houses, they are in such good shape and condition! As I look at them I start dreaming of one day to live in one of this pretty houses but I don't think they are affordable... at least for right now!

Also you will find a lot of cool street art, either in the front of the alternative shops or just in random walls or buildings. For someone who's into grafitti you'll find a great source of inspiration here.

You can make a break of walking the street and go hike in Buena Vista Park, it's on the way. This park is a hill with oak trees, pine trees and eucalyptus with an OK view, I was expecting for a better view to the city but the tall trees don't want to ;) Still, it was a good break from the city and to relax a bit.

The clothing shops are tooooo good to be true, you'll find vintage, second hand, etnical, anything unique and different. I can't believe I bought 4 dresses in Goodwill Store! Well, I needed and the money goes to a social project so it's all good right?

I really stopped myself of buying more stuff, I thought about my back and I'm the only one who will carry my backpack but If I lived in San Francisco I'd get a bunch of stuff here, it's definitly one of my favorite places to go shopping in the World!

If you have been in Camdon Town in London, you'll think the area is similar but Haight Ashbuty is bigger and gives you more options of clothing shops, restaurants and cafés. Talking about restaurants, we had dinner in a Puerto Rico restaurant, never tried their food before and fell in love! So mch flavour and delicious, yummiiiieee... The staff was pretty friendly and the decoration is super cozy. Oh the restaurant is called Parada 22. Don't miss it!

Stay tuned for the coming San Francisco posts and also San Diego! California rocks! :)

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