August 19, 2015

Flea Market Alamany em São Francisco

First thing I search online when arrive a place? Local Flea Markets! Last year when I was visiting San Francisco I attended Berkley Flea Market and this time I was lucky enough for being in SF for the weekend so I got a chance to visit Alamany Flea Market. It's every single Sunday from 8am until 3pm but at 1pm many vendors start packing up so don't arrive too late. It's situated in 100 Alemany Blvd and you can get bus number 9 to get there. If you are driving there's plenty of space to park your car. We walked almost one hour and in the way we found Bernal Peak, a great hill to have a great view to the city and to the bay.

I'm glad we made it to this Flea Market, not only interesting antiques and vintage finds but also the place itself so artistic with graffitis. Also the stalls were pretty well organized.

Again, I couldn't buy everything I wanted, especially vintage and ethnical house decoration because you know, I don't want to carry all this stuff in my backpack who-knows-for-how-long. But it was nice to visit and do some "window shopping".

How quirky is this teeth frame? :P

You cannot miss the cinnamon twist from the brazilian guy, so but so delicious! Buy two because I'm sure you'll want more.
Besides this stall selling cakes, there was only one food trailer selling mexican food and burgers, usually there are more food options in other flea markets but the cinnamon twist made it for everything :)

I really enjoyed spending Sunday morning in this place, I recommend you vintage enthusiasts to visit if you are around. Get ready to bargain! Isn't that the beauty of this kind of markets?
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