August 18, 2015

Guia de viagem | Dois dias em San Diego

What do you think when you hear about San Diego? Sun, beach, surf, palm trees? I can tell you are 100% right, plus, San Diego is a really relaxed and chilled city, far away from the terrible traffic jams of Los Angeles or San Francisco.

I only been two full days in San Diego so I had to make the most of it! Grateful I'm in Couch Surfing and was able to find a great local host who drove us everywhere and told us about this nice city and the sorroundings. He also brought us to the best brownie and pizza in the World (Andy if you are reading this, thanks a lot dude!)

If you don't have much time in San Diego here is my suggestion for an itinerary:

:: DAY 1 ::

Beautiful Buildings with cafés, pubs and restaurants every corner. We had lunch in Lounge Burguer, if you are vegetarian they have a really tasty quinoa veggie burguer, don't miss the onion rings. You also can visit Gaslamp Quarter, Petco Park (baseball stadium) and Convention Center.

Marina and USS Midway
From Downtown you can easily walk to the Marina, where you will find The USS Midway, a huge aircraft carrier that turned out a museum open to visitors. We were enjoying the sunny day so didn't feel like getting in but if you are interested is $18 for the ticket. Also you will find this sailor and wife statue, how cute is it?

Seaport Village

You can continue your walk to Seaport Village, it's a touristic spot with colorful houses and adorable gift shops in front of the pacific ocean. Take a rest, have a cool drink while you enjoy the breeze coming from the ocean.

When walking around the neighborhood we were staying (Polk Avenue) I was surprised by the cool unique alternative shops around. This picture above is from a Thrift Store, one of the most organized and beautiful second stores I ever seen in my life. This small trip is a "U": you can start in El Carron Ave, turn left to 13th Street and you will find University Street, both sides are interesting but in your right you will find a super adorable Vintage Store with the most cute vintage dresses. 

:: DAY 2 ::

Old Town
My favorite part of any city is old town, because you learn about the History. San Diego Old Town is far away from the city and as soon as you get there you'll have a feeling you are in Mexico. It's such an inspiring place to take pictures! Besides Presidio Park, the church, old hotels, the cemetery, the first brick courthouse and many historical houses, you will find plenty of restaurants, a bazaar, boutique shops, handicraft market with cultural products. Give a try to Root Beer Float (a mix of ice cream with root beer), sounds gross but it's actually good mix.

Ocean Beach
If you gotta choose one beach in San Diego, then Ocean Beach is the place to be. We decided to go for the sunset in the beach and it was a lovely moment. If you are eating be aware of the seagulls, they won't think twice and will steal your food :) The center is worth going to do some window shopping, get some souvenirs or postcards and to enjoy the low houses with palm trees.

Hope you enjoyed my tips and have a pleasant stay in the chilled San Diego.
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