August 17, 2015

Lista de websites com coisas baratas e grátis que podes fazer em São Francisco

San Francisco is not a cheap place to live at all, but is on my Ten Cities I'd live for a Year List because I'm into the lifestyle, the atmosphere, a place for artists to express themselves, multicultural, the diversity: beach, bay, wildness and city. You probably need a well paid salary to afford to live in this city but it's so worth it!

For travelers who will spend a long time in San Francisco and want to be part of the city instead of spending 2 weeks visiting touristic spots, this post is for you :) Also for those people who just moved to San Francisco and is a little broke or don't know what to do, this post is for you! Actually this post is for anyone who wants to go to San Francisco or just fancy the city. Ready to write some notes?

Free Walking Tours

Besides exploring the city by yourself, I think free walking tours are the best way of learning about a place. You will have a volunteer guide who will show you the city history, lore and legends in a fun way.. These guides try to turn a tour that usually is boring into something nice to learn with jokes between.
* Tours are free but a donation is welcome
* Read more information in San Francisco City Guides or if you prefer walking in the Nature check outWild SF Walking Tours

Free and Cheap Things to do in SF Bay Area Website

This website is full of great events (art discussions, entrances to museums, concerts, movie nights, performances, etc.) that are free or cost few money. It's pretty well organized with a list with a schedule of what is going on today and another list with their top picks for the week.
* Events are free or charge or a small cost.

People in Plazas

This is a website with free musical concerts in San Francisco Public Spaces. If you are a performer you can make your registration here. I think is a great way to meet new musical artists and perhaps a great opportunity to find a job to play in a cafe or a bar.
* Free.
* Click for Website Here.

Free Museum Days

A list of the week days you can visit that awesome museum for FREE :) Every city should adopt a list like this to give a chance to locals to visit the museums they like, it's culture! Culture is for everyone!
* Free.
* Website Here with the magic list.

San Francisco Arts

In this website you will find a complete program of dance, festivals, film/video, galleries, literary arts, music, museums, public art and theater.
* Some events are free of charge and some you have to pay.

SF Station - San Francisco's City Guide

Great information about the coming local events. You even have a category of "Free Stuff" where you will find giveaways and contests to win tickets for concerts or drinks!
* Some events are free of charge and some you have to pay.

The Cheap Bastards Guide to San Francisco

In this blog you will know all the cheap places to eat, tips of places to sleep, ideas of what to do in a rainy day. All on the cheap!
* Free and cheap recommendations.

And that's it! I hope this website list will help you to do affordable activities in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and please, if you have any other websites and other suggestions do share :)

Have a beautiful week everyone!

Marta xx

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