August 19, 2015

Fort Bragg | Oceano Pacifico

Hello! Hola! Olá! I've been a month in California and no photos of my travels for you yet. I've been mostly in the country side working as housekeeping and gardening so I don't have excellent pictures that deserve a blog post.

Since we don't have any more work and about 3 more weeks until our flight we decided to explore the area we are right now. We started with the weekend in Fort Bragg, a pretty colorful little town in the coast of North California.

It's windy out there but just the feeling of smelling and watching the ocean, I didn't care for being cold or not. If you are around for a while you know I born and grew up in the ocean so I miss it a lot when I don't get to see it for few days. I definitly need to buy a house in front of the beach! :)
It took us about 2 hours to get a ride from Willits (45 minutes away) to Fort Bragg but the way is wonderful with pine trees and some redwoods all over. It's a curvy road so if your stomach is sensible you'll feel a bit sick! And the way from Fort Bragg to Willits do you believe we waited almost 4 hours for a ride? Hitchhiker fellows if you are reading this and thinking about to hitch hike this road, consider renting a car. Anyway, having a vehicle in this area is a plus plus plus, since transportation is terrible (there was only a bus at 7am all day from Willits to Fort Bragg) and you want to stop many times just to appreciate a stunning view or visit a national park.

During the weekend mostly of the pretty gift shops, restaurants and coffee shops are closed so the town didn't have much movement. I believe during Summer time is crowded with tourists and a bunch of activities going on.

For more then a month I didn't watch a sunset from the ocean so this moment was special for me. I love the mix of colors: blue, orange, purple and yellow. WOW!

We stayed in a historical house of 1886, very well renovated and covered with antique furniture and objects, it was like being in a museum. I enjoyed a lot! Look at our room, the chairs were so amazing. What about the bathtub? It was a pleasure taking showers from this 100 years bathroom.

From now on, I'll have more travel pictures since we will start a road trip tomorrow that will include what? what? what? My lovely Redwoods!! Yehhh!!

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