December 8, 2015

Festival Bundi na India

After the crazy Camel Fair in Pushkar (Rasjasthan, India) Will and I decided to visit Bundi, what a great idea right before the indian Wedding in Jaipur. Besides Bundi being a small village surrounded by wonderful nature and friendly locals, the last day we were there was the beggining of the Bundi Festival! How lucky! Not really lucky... the truth is: there's always a party or a festival going on anywhere you go in India, don't forget they have thousands of Gods and Godnesses so they have thousands reasons to celebrate.

We were completly out of mind with this Festival full of colours and fun. In the end there was a turbant contest which our israeli friend participated, but in the end another israeli won, the faster ever! hehe And guess what? This guy who won the turbant contest I've met in Bundi, India, November 2011, I saw him again on December 2012 in the Rainbow Gathering in Palenque, Mexico. Yes, we live in a small, tiny World I've been telling you that ;)

These are my dear friends Will from UK who participated in Beautiful Souls who Inspire me feature here (see all the posts related here) and I miss traveling with him, he's lots of fun! And the israeli guy who I can't remember his name. I will never forget that afternoon we decided to rent bikes and explore the surroundings of Bundi, we contacted with locals, explored abandoned places and watched the most beautiful sunset while cycling. Those travel moments you just can't take pictures, those moments stay in your heart forever.

I could post about India the rest of my life! It's definitly the country that stole my heart and the "Incredible India" cliché fits perfectly. Have you been in India before? Any traditional festivals coming up?

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