December 8, 2015

Feira de Pushkar na India

Today I bring you a bit more of Indian Culture but this time thru the eyes of Sashin Kaushik. This amateur photographer from Jaipur (India) quit his engineering course to follow his dream of being a photographer. 
I support arts and talented beings who had the guts to fight against what society wants you to be, to live an happy life being yourself and doing what you really want. 

Sashin is the author of all photography and text that is coming. I was present in Pushkar Fair 2011 and I highly recommend this event! This is also a glimpse into indian lifestyle, rituals and culture. Enjoy :)
Two Sadhus (Hindu Monks) resting

Spiritual Harmony: Old man offering prayers

The holy city of Pushkar is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, India. Pushkar is one of the five sacred pilgrimage sites for devout Hindus.

Every year Pushkar plays host to the Pushkar Fair which is now well known world over for its Religious fervour, festivities and the camel fair that takes place along the sidelines of this annual gathering. The Pushkar Fair occurs every year in the Hindu month of kartik (October/November).

Evening Ghat Arti (Chanting Prayers and worship the holy lake)

Night view of fair ground

During the fair, Pushkar is transformed from a quiet little town into a center of cultural activity which is full of colour, sights and smells very distinct to India. The village folk visit the fair dressed in all their finery .Tall Men in bright coloured turbans, with their weather beaten and tanned faces supporting large well kept moustaches, ears pierced with gold and silver rings and tops , women wearing colourful Gagra - Cholis and bright Coloured Odhnis on their heads. Ears, necks, arms ,and feet laden with chunky silver and gold jewellery.

Some girls were offering prayers to holy lake. They used to lit lamps which known as Diya and float them in lake.

Local who is depict Indian Godess “Maa Kaali” to earn money.. he goes to various shops and they give him money.

Pushkar lake view

The photo opportunity provided at the Pushkar fair is tremendous and that’s why I covered this fair. I was there to feel the local atmoshphere and it was so welcoming and unforgetable.

Local shop for traditional shoes.

This old man was selling Miracle Rings which can change your destiny (Although I didn't give it a try ;-)

Streets of pushkar during fair.

There is a big Mela Ground where all the cultural activities takes place. These contests and competitions are organised In the vast, specially-built amphitheatre on the outskirts of the town, A festive, carnival atmosphere prevails in Pushkar during the fair's two-week duration. Giant ferries wheels and open air theatres offer amusement, while food stalls do a brisk trade, as do the shops that sell a fascinating variety of goods. In the evening, people huddle round campfires listening to Rajasthani folk ballads.

Local market place.

Street vendor who was selling sweets.

The best part of the fair was the streets of town, You can find there lots of locals and tourists, street vendors, various shops and roadside eat outs. It was a nice experience to roam in streets and capture them.

If you feel like working with talented Koshik send him an email koshik770(at)gmail(dot)com with your ideas! Check his facebook page for more beautiful pictures or if you need a graphic designer work. 

Thank you so much Sashin for your collaboration with Shanti Free Bird, come back soon :)

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