November 24, 2015

A India roubou-me o coração

Invite me to go to India and I will go with you! I could go to India twice a year, no problem :) When I was a kid, me and mom used to spend Saturday noon and evening watching Bollywood movies, sometimes 3 in a raw. Once a lady told me I was indian in another life, I had a suffering and tough life with an arragement wedding. I don't really know from where came this passion for India but it's something surreal, magic and cosmic.

Today I decided to show you five places in India I heart and hopefully will come back soon.

Goa :: This picture represents pretty well what is Goa: Green everywhere. Also beaches with cows :) Some people don't know but Goa is not a city but a state. And no, you won't listen portuguese in the streets but you'll find churches and coffee shops with portuguese names.
Hampi :: The place you cannot miss in South of India, this incredible mix of huge stones and ruins with the deep green of nature.

Haridwar :: Rishikesh might be prettier but I prefer smaller places with less tourists. Along Ganges holy river you'll find tons of indians praying, bathing and washing clothes.

Pushkar :: Belongs to Rajasthan State, my favorite since the culture is seen all over. I was in Pushkar for Camel's Fair so it was very busy so I wanna go back whenever is peaceful. I have a crazy story of a special lassi in this place :D

Varanasi :: Known by the dead bodies in the river, I haven't find any. But dead bodies are burned here and the hashes go to the river so the spirit can go freely. The sunrise in the boat is magic, the most memorable moments of India.

Have you been in India before? Which places would you suggest to visit?

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