August 8, 2015

A magia do vale de Ourika | Marrocos

After Essaouira we didn't really have a plan. When this happens we just let the Universe helping to follow our way. Zakaria suggested to hitch hike from Essaouira to Agadir, thru the coast and stop in 3 villages and after go to Paradise Valley. we thought it was a brilliant idea but soon we understood it wasn't the best idea because it's hard to hitch hike to the village which means taxi drivers trying to rip you off. I guess would be a good plan if you have a caravan or a car and camping tent.

Ourika Valley came to our mind. We left Essaouira (we went back just to sleep one night) and got a ride to Marrakech, the driver was heading to Casablanca but he was super kind and brought us exactly where we wanted. From Marrakech we took a dirty local bus to Ourika. It was dark already and the only Hotel was pricey for us so we asked a boy if he knew any cheap hostel. He called his father and among many arabic (or berber) words, he said "You are welcome in my house" Bonus! Thanks Universe :)
We woke up with a delicious tea and moroccan breakfast (some corn with milk) and ready to go to the valley. We took the mini bus to Citi Fatma village and couldn't close my month with the magical view from the window. Mohamed discovered we speak spanish so he was practising his spanish, non stop talking and I was so dying to be quite while contemplate Mother Nature beauty. He enjoyed our backpacking/hitch hiking lifestyle so invited us to stay with him in his family soon to be Hotel.

Not even kidding, I wish that Hotel was mine. So pretty moroccan architecture with detailed hand painting. I have this life dream of owning my hostel one day so I gave him a thousand ideas and ended up to volunteer myself to help out.

I wouldn't mind to spend an entire Summer here in this fairytale place, so far away from babylon. Here you only find small villages with pure and simple people. And these mountains are so high that when you look around you you don't see anything else. Children playing freely on the street with sticks, balls and animals. You feel the pure oxygen and listen to the water in the river running away. If we had a tent we probably would go for a hike of 6 days or so to the highest mountain called Imlel. Maybe next time :)

I hope you are enjoying my pictures as much I'm enjoying this adventure. Mohamed flew back to England and let us stay in his hotel as long as we want. Embracing each minute in this beautiful valley.

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  1. Merci de l’effort que vous fournissez pour mettre en valeur le maroc et ses beaux sites et ainsi propulsé le tourisme rurale.
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