I decided for a Part II for Chefchouen just because these pictures I took are so pretty that have to be shared. Chefchouen is a most go in Morocco but we were unlucky to be there exactly on Easter Vacations so the place was crowded with international tourists (especially spanish) and moroccan tourists. Did I mention before that I don't like to travel in places packed of people?

All we done here was relaxing in the Riad and mostly do nothing Not to mention we stayed almost 1 week... I think we were too tired physically (oh boy, how many ups and downs walking in the old medinas and hiking mountains) and psychologically due to all this bargain and people trying to rip you off. I never felt so tired in my life after a trip. But to tell the truth? All worth it guys, Morocco is such a beautiful country with so many corners to explore. I'm glad we made it and will come back!

Our laziness didn't let us hike on the large mountains but we still found the energy to walk around the old medina and take these inspiring pictures.
We also hang out with a bunch of people who were staying in the same Riad, mostly sleeping in the terrace so party every single night in the rooftop :)

We've seen moroccans wearing this traditional clothes called djellaba (see picture above). I love the beautiful Kaftans, kind of woman dress decorated with ornaments, used for special events like a wedding.
I'm clapping my hands for these old people who walk up and down, slow but they always reach their destination. Good job guys, you are so strong!

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